ALTAI MFT100-Z Tactical Boots Review

Today I had the opportunity to unbox and try on my new pair of MFT100-Z waterproof tactical boots from ALTAI. I had been eagerly awaiting a chance to walk around town with these and to try them out on various terrains. The Inwood neighborhood of Upper Manhattan provided the perfect setting. For this wear test, I walked through the streets of Manhattan, the trails of Inwood Hill Park, and toured through the medieval art exhibits of The Met Cloisters in New York City’s Fort Tryon Park. It quickly became apparent that the MFT100-Z waterproof tactical boots from ALTAI are some of the best and most comfortable tactical boots I’ve ever tried.

ALTAI MFT100-Z Tactical Boots Front View


The Altai MFT100-Z waterproof tactical boots arrive in a beautiful looking box with a handle in packaging that inspires great confidence that you’re about to unbox a quality product. I wasn’t surprised to discover that this confidence is completely justified. The side zipper works flawlessly, the entire shoe appears extremely rugged, and the product design is top notch.

ALTAI MFT100-Z Tactical Boots Side View


The ALTAI website advises customers to order one size down from their regular size. This is because ALTAI footwear tends to run a bit wide. However, I chose to order my regular size as my personal experience has been that it’s the shape and size of the toe box that often dictates whether a shoe will fit me and not the size.

As it turns out, my instincts were correct and the shoe fit me perfectly. I should mention that I have an extremely difficult time finding shoes and boots that fit me well, and I rarely have the success that I experienced with ALTAI. The boot fit beautifully right out of the box and required absolutely no breaking in whatsoever.

ALTAI MFT100-Z Tactical Boots Rear View


For my wear test, I decided to wear my Altai MFT100-Z boots around Inwood, which is one of my favorite New York City neighborhoods. Located in the most northern part of Manhattan, Inwood is home to asphalt city streets as well as one of the most natural city parks in the area, Inwood Hill Park. I walked for about three hours in total, walking across steep elevations both in urban and wild landscapes, over wooded trails, up and down stairs, and through The Met Cloisters, which is a branch of the Metropolitan Museum of Art which I highly recommend!

For the entire walk, my feet felt incredibly comfortable, cushioned, and fresh. The shoes never leaked a single drop of water, though the ground was still wet from a recent rain. It was easy to maneuver over the trails in Inwood Hill Park and over the many steps I had to take. I expected the side zipper to be troublesome as I thought it might create some discomfort, but I never noticed the zipper once I put the boots on.


It’s clear that the ALTAI MFT100-Z tactical boots are some of the most comfortable waterproof tactical boots in the industry, but these boots are really so much more. The MFT100-Z makes an excellent walking shoe in an urban landscape, an ideal waterproof hiking boot, or great casual shoe. It’s quite good looking and feels nearly as agile as a pair of high top sneakers. Adding in the durability, side zipper, and waterproof features, I think it’s safe to say that the ALTAI MFT100-Z is one of the best waterproof tactical boots in the industry today.

ALTAI MFT100-Z Waterproof Tactical Boots

Also available in a 6″ version as ALTAI MFT100-ZS Waterproof Tactical Boots

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