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SuperFabric® – The Magic in ALTAI Footwear

It’s rare to lace up a brand new pair of tactical boots only to discover that they don’t require any breaking in. It’s even rarer to find a pair of boots that are also lightweight, waterproof, warm in the winter, breathable in warm weather, scuff resistant, and all with the comfortable fit of a sneaker.

In another post, I did a wear test review of the ALTAI MFT100-Z waterproof tactical boots. I mentioned how comfortable they are to wear and how they didn’t require any breaking in period. In this post, I’ll discuss the magic ingredient which makes this all possible: ALTAI’s proprietary SuperFabric®.

SuperFabric - abrasion and scuff resistance
Durable and lightweight

SuperFabric® is a revolutionary product which is made in the USA. SuperFabric® provides remarkably strong abrasion and scuff resistance while enabling ALTAI waterproof tactical boots to be incredibly lightweight.

SuperFabric - water resistant - breathable
Water resistant and breathable

A unique feature of SuperFabric® is that it is both water resistant and breathable. Water molecules are too large to penetrate the material and will simply bead up on the surface. However, air molecules are small enough to escape and will easily flow in and out.

Stain resistant

Regardless of color, SuperFabric® is stain resistant and easy to clean. ALTAI™ waterproof tactical boots will clean easily with a quick run of the hose and will dry incredibly quickly as well.

SuperFabric® is truly part of the “secret sauce” in ALTAI™ footwear. Not only is it made in the USA, it also makes ALTAI™ some of the most comfortable and durable tactical boots on the market.

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