Class A Dress Uniforms Made to Measure

How to Choose Between Made to Measure Uniforms or Off the Rack

When attending a ceremonial event, you want your department to look their best in their Class A Dress Uniforms. This conveys a sense of authority and pride to the community you serve, and you want your department to look and feel their best. However, depending upon your needs and budget, it can be difficult to decide whether to purchase your uniforms made to measure or off the rack. In this post, we’ll help you make that decision.


For most, the off-the-rack option will work the best. This is usually the most cost effective unless your department requires many garments that would incur oversize charges or if you require extensive modifications or alterations. This is also the best option for departments will limited use for their Class A Uniforms.

There are many excellent options for Class A Uniforms which will fit quite well off-the-rack and will look great with minimal tailoring. For example, Anchor Uniform manufactures an extremely high quality product which has become an industry standard. If budget is an option, opt for a 100% polyester garment instead of a poly/wool blend. This will allow you to outfit your entire department within a reasonable budget and still provide quality garments which will fit well and last for many years. For not much of a price difference, Anchor Uniform also manufactures a poly/wool Class A Uniform which is completely made in the USA.


Anchor Uniform Class A Dress Uniform Coat Model 210BL

For most, with minimal tailoring, an off-the-rack garment can be adjusted to fit every bit as well as a made-to-measure uniform option. However, the big “if” is this is only if the alterations aren’t extensive and if the department doesn’t require too many modifications.

Made to Measure Class A Uniforms

Many departments in recent years have opted for made to measure Class A Uniforms. Although it may seem counterintuitive, in some cases this can actually be the more cost effective option. If your department has many officers requiring extensive alterations to their garments such as those who are extremely muscular, overweight, or very tall, this can require the ordering of off-the-rack garments in sizes which are subject to oversize charges (due to the extra fabric needed) or such extensive alterations as to bring the overall cost to be in line with the cost of made to measure. Such an option is fine if it only applies to one or two officers, but any more and you might be well served by consider a more custom approach.

Also, if your department requires extensive modifications to the garment such as sleeve trim or embroidery, a made to measure option will probably be much easier to facilitate by coordinating directly with a manufacturer with whom you’ve formed a personal relationship.


You want your officers to look and feel their best, and you want to communicate a sense of pride and gravitas as highly visible and essential members of the community you serve. Ultimately, the choice of whether to purchase your Class A Uniforms off-the-rack or made to measure will come down to budget, how extensive your alteration needs are, the amount of detail required in your custom modifications, and the availability to a manufacturer who can service your specific needs.

For departments wishing to order Class A Uniforms which are made to measure, Uniform Tactical Supply can offer a full service hands on approach consisting of onsite visits and direct communication with the owners of our company. We have a relationship with a tailor and custom manufacturer who is located locally in the Northeastern region of the United States. Uniform Tactical Supply is capable of fulfilling most of your made to measure needs.

If your department is in search of made to measure Class A Uniforms, feel free to reach out to us directly and we’ll be glad to set up a meeting to see how we can serve you. Click here to contact us directly.

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