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Bespoke Custom Police Uniforms

custom uniforms

Uniform Tactical Supply is now partnered with Tailored Club Custom Uniforms to offer bespoke custom police uniform solutions for law enforcement and other first responders.

be•spoke , /bəˈspōk/, adjective

  • made for a particular customer or user
  • making or selling bespoke clothing 

As opposed to made-to-measure police uniforms where garments are cut and altered based upon predefined sizing, our custom uniforms are cut for each individual. We use a proprietary measuring system developed by Tailored Club which enables us to take extensive and accurate measurements, enter them into our custom computer software, and send them immediately to the Tailored Club manufacturing facility for processing.

We offer turnaround times in as short as 2 weeks for rush orders, or 4-6 weeks for standard orders.

See Tailored Club on FOX News:

Contact Uniform Tactical Supply to schedule an appointment or contact our head of sales directly:

Jeff Marder

(917) 338-7427

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