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Class A Dress Uniforms

Uniform Tactical Supply provides a wide assortment of Class A Dress Uniforms at various price points as well as offering made to measure options through our longterm relationship with a USA based manufacturer.

We carry Class A Firefighter Dress Uniforms as well as Class A Police Dress Uniforms in single and double breasted, polyester and wool, and domestic or imported. To complete your Class A Dress Uniform, we offer a full selection of Anchor Uniform (formerly known as Newport Harbor) trench coats and dress raincoats for both men and women, including the official firefighter dress raincoats used by the Fire Department of New York.

When ordering your Class A Uniform, please contact us to specify the button configuration. We can accommodate buttons for Firefighters Class A and Police Class Dress Uniforms.

Contact us to inquire about our made-to-measure Class A Dress Uniform options.