ASP Training Bag

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The ASP Training Bag is the original ”Light Bag” for Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics and Impact Weapon Instruction. Each bag offers a visual cue to correct use. The ASP on the front and back of the bag will be upright for right-handed officers. It will be upside down for left-handed officers. This system alerts Instructors and other officers to left-handed students or those who position their bags incorrectly. The Strike Force logo on the front of the bag reinforces the correct execution of weapon, reaction and straight strikes.

The ASP Training Bag is designed with an offset handle which provides protection for the elbow of the individual holding the bag. The stress points of the bag are reinforced with leather patches. Pressure release holes around the perimeter of the bag allow rapid neutralization of pressure during a strike. The ASP Training Bag incorporates a foam interior and poured black vinyl, nylon mesh cover. The bag is designed for Countermeasures and Tactical Baton Instruction.

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ASP Training Bag

  • Soft Seam Edges
  • Orientation Logo
  • Pressure Relief Vents
  • Retention Straps

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