Sabre Hardcase Spray – Pink


Take a walk through the park with peace of mind know you are safe and fighting breast cancer while carrying the Sabre Hardcase Pink Spray Keychain. With every canister purchased a donation is made to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Featuring an ergonomic grip and a tactical quick release connector, the canister can be drawn and deployed in a single fluid motion. The quick firing trigger delivers a powerful ballistic stream of Sabre’s purified defensive formula. With its high OC concentration, the spray temporarily cripples and disorients would-be-attackers. It instantly inflames the throat, eyes, ears nose to compromise vision and breathing capabilities. With the aggressor incapacitated, the defender can take appropriate action without fear of attack. In the case that a suspect manages to get away, a UV dye is left behind by the spray to provides easy identification.

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Sabre Hardcase Spray – Pink

  • Maximum strength formula is backed by in-house high performance liquid chromatography laboratory which guarantees maximum stopping power
  • Quick release key ring provides access to spray when keys are in ignition or lock
  • Finger grip enhances aim and product retention

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