Hone Your Shooting With Virtual-Shot

SHOT Show 2024 is now over, but the experience will be remembered for quite some time. It was wonderful to reconnect with old friends and colleagues, and the opportunity to meet suppliers and discover new products was incredibly productive. One such new product was the new mobile app (with some hardware) known as Virtual-Shot.

Virtual-Shot was founded by a group of veterans of the Australian Army. While preparing the team for deployment to Afghanistan under severe time constraints and limited access to a range and simulation center, the idea for Virtual-Shot was born. The goal was to create an individual shooting simulation for repetitive marksmanship training.

Upon returning from Afghanistan, the team set out to create what became known as Virtual-Shot. Available in the Mac App Store and the Google Play Store, the mobile app runs on iOS or Android. When using the app, the user’s mobile phone is mounted to the rail of their pistol or rifle. The user can adjust the settings in the mobile app to account for caliber, distance from the target, and even wind speed and direction. Upon dry-firing the weapon, Virtual-Shot interprets where the round would have landed and indicates it on the app.

I’m told that the results seen in the Virtual-Shot app typically directly translate to one’s performance on a range with live rounds. The app has the capability to offer constructive feedback and can even offer suggestions on how to train to improve one’s marksmanship.

I tried Virtual-Shot at SHOT Show with the AR platform and was quite impressed. My shots landed about where they typically would have while training at the range with live rounds. My colleague tried the app on a Glock and had a similar experience.

To use Virtual-Shot most effectively, it’s recommended to also purchase a dry fire magazine to enable the user to practice without having to continually racking the slide or cycling the bolt of their weapon. It works well for both right and left handed users (my colleague used it left-handed). And in the event of any technical issues, Virtual-Shot can be reached by email and typically answers any queries within 24 hours. The founders of Virtual-Shot are incredibly knowledgeable, experienced, and very approachable and friendly. Their passion for this project inspires a lot of confidence, and I’d expect that any technical issues would be addressed quite swiftly given their enthusiasm and solid skills for software development and firearms.

I see Virtual-Shot as a fantastic addition to any firearms enthusiast’s training. While it’s not a complete substitute for going to the range and training with live rounds, I believe it’s an excellent option when you want to squeeze in short bursts of marksmanship training without having to pack up your gear and drive to the range. With a tool like Virtual-Shot, it’s easy to pick up your weapon and fit a few minutes of training into your day. I’d still recommend those trips to the range, but with Virtual-Shot, you can fit in training on days when you don’t have time to go to the range or simply wish to save money on ammunition. I also think this could be an excellent way to introduce newcomers to the world of shooting sports, or for seasons professionals or swing shift workers to get in practice time with their weapon. I’m especially thinking of law enforcement officers whose shifts don’t easily coincide with the opening hours of their chosen range.

I’d highly recommend Virtual-Shot to anyone with a keen interest in shooting sports or whose careers depend upon proficiency with their weapon. For $149 USD, you can’t beat the convenience, the cost savings, and the useful feedback provided by the app. Virtual-Shot is a must have for any shooting enthusiast.

Purchase Virtual-Shot through the link below:


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