The Benefits of Made in USA

The Benefits of A Product Which is Made in the USA

At Uniform Tactical Supply, all of our Class A dress uniforms are manufactured in the USA in Scranton, PA under our close supervision. For a variety of reasons, we believe that this is a much better option that outsourcing to factories overseas.


All of our Class A uniforms are made in the USA by American workers who are dedicated to making the best possible garment available. A product which is manufactured overseas will be built per contract without any personal connection to the product. Our workers are personally invested out of pride and support for our men and women in uniform, whether military, law enforcement, or fire. We understand the sacrifice that these heroes in uniform make for us and we want them to be equipped with the best products possible.

Additionally, domestically manufacture products such as ours are more likely to have sizing which meets the government standards, which affords consistency of fit.

Turnaround Time

Domestically made products will have a much faster turnaround time for out of stock items than those made overseas. When purchasing products manufactured overseas, it’s not uncommon to encounter wait times of longer than a month for out of stock items or custom orders.


It’s much easier to implement high standards of quality control for domestically manufactured products. Granted, there are many excellent factories and workers engaged in production overseas, but it’s quite difficult to oversee production with a meaningful amount of attention to detail when your means of production is located over 7,000 miles away.

While at one time overseas production resulted in a much less expensive product, the industry has now evolved to a point where the cost difference between overseas and domestically manufactured products is nominal.


Given the nominal cost difference between imported and domestically manufactured products and the tighter controls on quality, it just makes good business sense to manufacture in the USA.  At Uniform Tactical Supply, we believe that our men and women in uniform should be equipped by people who are personally invested in their success, and that means providing the brave Americans with products made by fellow Americans.

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