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Best Duty Boots for Police Work

Law enforcement officers face special challenges with regard to finding footwear which meets proper specifications, is comfortable, and is affordable within their uniform allowance. In this post, we’ll take a look at three of the best duty boots for police work which fit the bill.

The criteria we used to narrow down the choices are as follows. The boot had to have a polishable leather toe (required by most departments, including NYPD), it had to be water-resistant, and it had to have a slip-resistant sole. We examined fit, price, and features to find the best tactical footwear for law enforcement.

Best Budget Police Duty Boots: Propper Tactical Duty Boot 6”

Propper Tactical Duty Boot 6”

Propper is better known for their BDU’s and the garments they manufacture for the US military, but their tactical boots offer some excellent options as well. The Propper Tactical Duty Boot 6” also qualifies as an NYPD approved duty boot due to its polishable leather toe, but at a $74.99 retail price it comes with a number of features only found in more expensive models.

Like the ALTAI MFT100-ZS, the Propper Tactical Duty Boot has a side zipper. Its YKK side zipper with zipper guard are solid and function effortlessly. Propper doesn’t promise a waterproof boot or even water resistance, but the boot does hold up quite well against the elements. The breathable moisture wicking mesh lining is quite comfortable and keeps the feet feeling refreshed during a long shift.

It’s a bit unclear what the sole is made from, but the soles on the Propper seem to hold up quite well. For $74.99, it’s hard to argue about durability. At this price, by the time the soles would wear out most officers would be eligible for their next footwear allowance anyway. The boot does fit more like a sneaker than a boot, which seems to be the trend nowadays, so expect the maneuverability of a track shoe with the support of a tactical boot.

Best Police Duty Boots That Fits Like A Sneaker: Under Armour UA Stellar Tactical Boots

Under Armour Tactical Boots - 1268951
Under Armour UA Stellar Tactical Boots

Under Armour is well known in the sports world for their moisture wicking apparel and for their tennis shoes, so it’s no surprise that the Under Armour UA Stellar Tactical Boots should be a favorite duty boot for law enforcement officers, especially those on patrol who are on their feet most of the day. At $84.99, these duty boots fit comfortably within most uniform allowance budgets, and they surely won’t disappoint.

The Under Armour UA Stellar Tactical Boots feature a polishable leather toe, thus making them NYPD approved boots, and the 900D nylon uppers stave off moisture effortlessly. The anti-microbial sockliner reduces rubbing and slippage and the molded midsole with reinforced shank offer exceptional underfoot protection and support. 

Best Police Duty Boots Summary

Propper offers many excellent features, though we find that the Under Armour UA Stellar Tactical Boots offer the best all around value as a police duty boot. This duty boot has all the required features, offers exceptional comfort and durability, and at $84.99 it offers a great value. It’s as close to wearing a pair of sneakers to work as you’ll ever get, yet this incredibly comfortable duty boot will offer that great fit along with a ton of support and water resistance. 

For the best police duty boot, our choice is the Under Armour UA Stellar Tactical Boots.

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