Ukraine – How to Help

If like so many other people around you world you find yourself wondering how you can assist Ukraine in this time of need, the aid organization Humanitarian Nova poshta has created a means to assist. You can donate financially directly through their website or you can send needed items to any one of their warehouses around the world and Humanitarian Nova poshta will take care of the logistics of getting the items to Ukraine.

While they can’t accept items with export restrictions such as weapons, ammunition, body armor, or even medicine, there are many items that can be sent which are legal for export and will be of tremendous assistance.

There are also volunteer opportunities which can be found on the organization’s website.

With three different ways to help (monetary donation, donations of materials, or volunteering), anyone who wishes to assist can do so.

To assist with Ukraine’s war effort, visit Humanitarian Nova poshta’s website for all of the information you need to find a way to help.

Humanitarian Nova Poshta

If you are in need of supplies for Ukraine and have resources to bring the goods there, Uniform Tactical Supply is here to help. We can provide MilSpec uniforms, boots, body armor, and many other items. We will also provide special deeply discounted pricing specifically for the war effort in Ukraine. Contact us if you need equipment for Ukraine and we’ll be glad to assist however we can.

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