Taylor’s Leatherwear – An Industry Icon

The Taylor’s Leatherwear name is synonymous with leather police motorcycle jackets and has been a trusted manufacturer by many in the police, military, and aviation industries since the company first began designing outerwear many decades ago. The Taylor’s Leatherwear Chicago and NYPD styles have become iconic in the representation of police officers in the United States, having been seen in television shows such as Hill Street Blues and Gotham.

Founded in 1943 out of the founder’s garage, Taylor’s Leatherwear is still family owned and operated and each jacket is still cut and sewn by hand. Beginning in 1968, the company began designing and manufacturing for the law enforcement and military market.

One of the most popular styles is the Chicago 4450, which was seen by millions of viewers on the classic television show Hill Street Blues.

Taylor’s Leatherwear stands behind their products, offering a five year warranty and lifetime service.

The original factory in Tullahoma, TN now serves as a distribution and service center where the company receives, inspects, and carefully customizes each jacket.

Today, Taylor’s Leatherwear supplies jackets for virtually every major police department in the United States as well as many commercial and private airlines.

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